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Brave Children: Stories From Around The World
This is a program of traditional stories about remarkable children from North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. These tales are told to inspire strength and character, tolerance and understanding of all people. Many of the tales are interactive and use the audience to help tell the story. All ages

African American Stories, Songs and Games
Enjoy participating in the African Oral Tradition in fun interactive folktales, rhythms, and rhymes from African American culture. Tricksters and clever rascals fill the imagination with ingenious rouses to fool everyone – that is until they get caught. Repetition, call and response, playful language, riddles and conundrums make this adventure ever so much fun. Stories include Wiley and the Hairy Man, The Gunniwolf and Epaminomous. All ages

Trickster Tales from West Africa - Anansi
These tales are told in the African Oral Tradition. Find out how Anansi got his name and why all the stories belong to him, and… how did he get such a narrow waist? He is clever, he is cunning, he is greedy and full of life. He causes such mischief, and he can be a scoundrel, but he always brings everyone closer to the truth and each other. Laugh and cry with Anansi because he is a lot like us. All ages

Shivers, Whispers, and Bumps in the Night
Old time ghost tales, songs, and poems from Appalachia.
Tales of shivery fun for the whole family. Ilene spins an evening of wonder and adventure through the land of spirits and ghosts, thru the hollows of West Virginia and beyond - Legends from the coal camps, love gone wrong, rumors of those who visit from the other side, warnings and cautionary tales. Fun and not too scary stories for all ages.

Beyond the Grave
Spirits, ghosts, unsolved mysteries, and murder fill this evening program. This program includes stories from Mexico, Russia, Ireland, and Africa. Adult

Brer Tales
This is a collection of long treasured trickster tales. Brer Rabbit is resourceful, ingenious and cunning. He is joined by many other folk from the Pee Dee River Swamp, like Brer Bear, Brer Opossum, Brer Rattlesnake and Brer Turkey Buzzard. These stories have been passed down from generation to generation oozing up from the deep south. They are filled with life lessons with a chance to learn from each others mistakes. Guaranteed to enchant and delight. All ages